Success is a State of Mind



Melinda Sewer Muganzo is a legendary corporate human resources trainer with an outstanding history of innovativeness, creativity, and performance execution. From working with small teams to manage small projects to empowering high-level executives to look within to support systematic change, Melinda is the “go to” and has been for the past 30 years.

I’m a motivational speaker, transformational leader, , college educator and leadership trainer. In addition, I’m a Distinguished Toastmaster.

Melinda is a doctoral student attending California Baptist University pursuing her P.h.D. in Leadership Studies.

Speaking Topics to Support Your Audience

Make Success A Mindset

This is an interactive experience to help you analyze the 7 steps needed to elevate you to a higher consciousness. There are 7 key words that will initiate thoughts to inspire action. The goal of this workshop is to elevate the decision-making power within your inner being.

What is the Soul of You!

This talk shares the key concepts related to being an effective communicator and influencer in the workplace.

How to Be a Successful Change Agent in the Midst of Toxic Leadership

This presentation identifies the characteristics displayed in the workplace identified as toxic behavior. Additionally, it shares strategies to help employees be successful to help radify positive change.

Success is My Name

Transformation is My Game

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